What we are good at

We take environments that require exquisite design, or software change; and we create something astronomical. Our team enjoys the intricate design, research, and satisfaction of executing a project.

Let us deliver your desired vision through our software, design and animation teams.


We provide end-to-end service from conceptualization to reality. Our services provided a solid foundation, for 3D Printing, Machining, Prototyping, and Manufacturing.

Animation & 3D

The world is viewed by billions of different eyes. Each pair with their own interpretation and experience. Our design services are catered to excite the visual experience of consumers.

Enterprise Software

We love software, big ones small ones, and even intermediate ones. Explore the possibilities of enterprise catered application development for small businesses.

Mobile Applications

2 SOLID will help you mobilize highly complex business process into an easy to use iOS or Android application. Experience the power of simplicity for your enterprise.